Tomini H10 PRO


The scooter has 2 high performance motors with a total power output of 1600W and up to 2400W of instantaneous power! This gives a top speed of as much as 55km/h, and the 23.4Ah Li-ion battery allows up to 60km of driving. The scooter is rear-drive and the front motor is additionally activated by an on/off button on the handlebars.

Engine power: 2x 800W
Maximum speed*:


Maximum range**: 60km
Weight: ~30kg
Wheel type: Inflatable, inner tubes (two-piece)
Brake type: front:disc,

rear: disc,
electric eABS

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Tomini H10 PRO

sporty tank on wheels

Off-road trips or car substitution in the city

The scooter has 2 high-performance motors with a total power output of 1600W! The maximum speed is up to 55km/h, which can be limited by gears or an additional electronic limiter. The 23.4Ah Li-ion battery allows for up to 60km of driving. The scooter is rear-drive and the front motor is additionally activated by an on/off button on the handlebars.

Power whenever you need it!

800W in a scooter is no small thing. How about an extra 800W available whenever you need it? With one button, you can additionally switch on the front engine to duplicate the available torque and available power!

Robust, off-road

The Tomini H10 PRO electric scooter can be folded and conveniently transported. When folded, the steering column locks into place so that it can be easily moved.



Hydraulic braking system

The H10 PRO scooter is equipped with a set of disc, fully hydraulic brakes front and rear and EABS motor braking. This solution will bring you to a standstill almost immediately.

Key security

You can use the key ignition to lock the scooter. In addition, the current voltage on the battery is displayed just above the ignition.


Ride comfort will be taken care of by heavy-duty shock absorbers. The reinforced kit prepares the vehicle for more extreme driving.

Steering wheel with your LCD command centre

The LCD display will show you the selected riding mode, speed, mileage and battery level. On the left handle is the option to switch on the second engine and the light switch.
Under the LCD display, you will also find a USB port for e.g. charging the phone’s battery.

The steering wheel is also height-adjustable.

full specification:


Power: 2x 800W (1600W)
Maximum power: 2x 1200W (2400 controllers)
Maximum speed*: 55km/h
Possibility of speed limitation, e.g. 20km/h electronic and electric gears
Battery Li-ion 48V 23,4Ah
Load capacity: 150kg
Maximum range**: 60km
Maksymalny podjazd: 30 degrees
Charging time: 5-10 hours
*maximum speed available after removal of speed limit for beginners
**maximum coverage depends on, among other things. the style of riding and the terrain on which the scooter is being driven

physical parameters

Wheel size: front: 10 inches
rear: 10 inches
Wheel type: inflatable
Brake type: front hydraulic + electronic eABS
rear hydraulic + electronic eABS
Size: 119x63x[115-131]cm
Foldable design: yes
Size when folded: 120x63x58cm
Amortisation: front, rear
Weight: ~30kg

additional features

On-board computer: yes – illuminated
LCD functions speed, odometer, last route, current gear, battery charge, battery voltage
Lighting: 4led front, rear, flashing stop light
Other: key lock, folding steering wheel, USB port
Included Tomini H10 Pro, tools, charger, manual